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Advance Camp,
July 15-18

Help build the Troop 27 summer camp. Lashing, digging, clearing the water front, and more.

Aug. 22

Emergency Vehicle Operations Course, run by the Alameda Country Sheriff's office. Learn defensive driving. Emphasis is placed on skid recovery, loss of control recovery, control during a blowout, and operating on less than ideal surfaces. Fun & exciting driving experience.

Surfing class, Whitewater rafting, Outdoor Climbing - Dates to be decided

Recent Events

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Super Trip to Alaska, June 13-24
By Jan

Mt. McKinnleyOverview
Narrative of our trip with pictures

Clear Lake, May 23-25
By Pat

This trip was largely devoted to learning kayaking skills and refreshing canoeing skills, for those who couldn't make the Delta trip. We also had fun exploring in the boats. As usual, we had a great menu, including steak and Death By Chocolate.

Grave Decoration, May 23
By Pat

Crew 27 joined Troop 27, friends, and family to remember those who died while serving in our military. We met at Skylawn Cememtary and, after a brief ceremony, fanned out to find the gravestones of service people and put a flag at the head of each.

Sacramento Delta, May 5
By Aaron

We had a fantastic time at Cece's Island. The main purpose of the trip was to develop our kayaking skills. We learned how to effectively control, maneuver, and recover while in a kayak. We also refreshed our canoe recovery techniques. Afterwards we went tubing behind a motor boat and had a wonderful time enjoying the company of Crew 27.

Crystal Springs Reservior Hike, April 12
By Pat

Not many people have hiked in the Crystal Springs watershed, which is normally closed to the public, so this hike was extra special. We hiked a little over 8 miles on the Fifield-Cahill Ridge with a volunteer docent. Although there were occasional nice views, the best part was the tree lined trail and the many wild flowers. All had good time enjoying nature and each other's company.

Treasure Hunt, March 14
By Various

The scouts were transported back to the Medieval Age as they made their way through a lazer maze to the music of Mission Impossible III. They each recieved a sword depending on their crew's placement after a sword fight with inflatable swords, the quality of which differed from foam swords to much more realistic swords. They then went on to Edgewood Park, where each crew put their orienteering skills to use in order to find their shields.

At the wall crossing, the task was to use two planks to get across a "broken wall." There was a very specific solution to the puzzle and many of the patrols succeeded with flying colors. It was wonderful seeing the varying levels of teamwork in the patrols.

At the sneak attack and semaphore event, the boys had to creep up on three unsuspecting knights and gather materials. From these materials, they created a tripod from which they could receive a coded message. Getting into the spirit of the event, knights and boys exchanged humorous banter.

And mnay more events, including a visit to a sword fighting school.

Ski Trip to Bear Valley, Feb. 28
By Ryan T.

Jingle bells, Jingle bells,
Jingle all the way,
We went up early and we got back late,
But boy, we had a blast!
Dashing through the snow,
On a snow board and some skis,
We crashed in to the trees,
And then we bruised our knees,
But then we got back up,
And drank out of our cup,
Laughing back towards home, Aye!
Jingle bells, Jingle bells, Jingle all the way,
We went up early and we got back late
But boooooooy, We haaaaaaaad

Edgewood Park Potluck Picnic and Hike, Jan. 25
By Cece

The Edgewood hike was a very exciting experience. As a group we ate a delicious potluck lunch. It was very filling and allowed us to prepare ourselves for the interesting hike ahead of us. On the hike we explored several trails which brought us to the top of a mountain that looked out on the city below. It was all very breath taking.

Elephant Seal Tour, Jan. 3
By Pat

The weather was perfect for this outing and the scenery was beautiful. We barely missed seeing two bulls fighting over a pond, but by the time we got there the winner was just taking possesion. We saw bulls chasing each other and moms with their calves, mostly from a distance.

After the tour, we went down to a lovely beach, which was a highlight for many.

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