Venture Crew 27
Crew 27 has outdoor adventures


Caroling at a Nursing Home, then party afterwards,
Dec. 20

We will sing holiday songs for patients at a local skilled nursing facility. If you can't sing, we have bells to ring. Spread a little joy!

Ano Nuevo State Park,
Jan. 3

Visit the Elephant Seals while they are hauled out on the beach, see the bulls fight for dominance.

Klondike Derby,
Jan. 24-25

Challenge yourself by building a snow shelter and camping in the snow. The next day there will be snow related games and activities.

Pancake Breakfast,
Feb. 8

Come support our Super Trip fundraiser.

Ski Trip,

Treasure Hunt,
March 14

The crew will run a Treasure Hunt for Troop 27.

District Camporee,
April 17-19

Grave Decoration,
May 23

Family Camp,
May 23-25

Super Trip,
June 13-24

We are bound for Alaska, home of breath taking scenery and abundant wildlife. Destinations include Anchorage, Denali National Park, Fairbanks, and the Seward Peninsula.

Advance Camp,
July 15-18

Recent Events

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Frisbeeganza, Nov. 28

Coming soon ...

Council Christmas Tree Lot Service Project,
Nov. 28

Coming soon ...

Wilderness First Aid Basic, Nov. 22

Coming soon ...

Bay Area Orienteering Club Scout O, Oct. 26
By Cece

Checking in at a control pointComing soon ...

Halloween Party, Oct. 24
By Ryan C.

Mummifying a leaderComing soon ...

Summit Rock Climbing, Oct. 18-19
By Kat

Climbing at Summit RockComing soon ...

Sacramento Delta, Sept. 27-28
By Ryan C.

Tubing in the DeltaComing soon ...

Surf Disney, Aug. 8-10
By Anne

Surfing! Standing on a board for the first time.We had a great time! The day at Disneyland was like revisiting the best parts of childhood, whether the favorite ride was the Teacups, Indiana Jones, or Space Mountain. The next day durning surfing everyone fell down a few times but everyone stood at least once and we all found ourselves much closer by the time we came home.

Advance Camp, Summit Lake, July 16-19
By Anne

Using a bow saw to build camp.Coming Soon.....

Supertrip, June 7th-16th
By Jan and Pat

Ready for a ride on Sand RailsNarrative of our trip with pictures

Family Camp, Clear Lake, May 24-26
By Crystal

Coming Soon.....

Grave Decoration, May 24
By Crystal

Coming Soon.....

Fencing, May 10
By Cece

The Venture Crew went to Stanford to fence. Our instructor's father was a professional fencer in the Olympics. When we arrived we were suited with fencing equipment including the breastplate, a glove, a leotard, a mask, and a sword. In order to teach us how to attack and lunge our teacher made up several fun games where we faced off against the adults. Overall the whole experience was an amazing adventure that truly taught us a lot of fencing knowledge. I hope we go back next year and do it again.

Camporee, April 26-27
By Pat

For our District Camporee the crew ran a water event where the troops lashed together a catamaran, canoed across Lake Gamlin, and then "rescued" a victim by throwing a heaving line to them. The victim was actually on the shore, but they had to get the line close enough to victim that they could reach it. Crew members taught or reminded many boys the knots and lashings needed. Everyone showed great teamwork getting the task accomplished.

Treasure Hunt, Mar. 15
By Holly

Treasure Hunt was a great deal of fun. It began in the morning at the church and then ventured out to places like Huddart Park, Stanford and finally Boulder Creek campground. The events included first aid, compass work, archery and fencing. The Ventures had a lot of fun leading the events. We were so glad we were able to put this all on.

Hunger Games, Feb. 8
By Holly

When we first arrived at the Venture Games we blew up swords and mini beach balls. Then found a spot to hold our games. As soon as the games had begun, there were swords and beach balls from deceased Ventures everywhere. Not far into the games there where zombies prowling around attempting to eat our brains. At this point some people where running around with all the beach balls in their jackets and swords in their hands so quite a few people were without weapons. Within minutes of the new game there were only five people left. We ended the morning with wonderful snacks and conversations.

Klondike, Jan. 25-26
By Pat

Normally Klondike is a snow outing, but this year there was no snow. Since we couldn't build snow shelters, we decided to visit the Jelly Belly factory on the way up to the Sierras. The tour was interesting and the sheer number of jelly beans was impressive. Of course, we had to get some samples to take with us.

That night we experienced the truth that tent camping can be colder than sleeping in snow shelters. Everyone was up bright and early to try their hands at Klondike events such as jumbo skis and snow shoe relay race (on the dirt).

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