Venture Crew 27
Crew 27 has outdoor adventures


Grave Decoration, May 28

Honor those who served our country by placing flags for Memorial Day

Family Camp, May 28-30

Canoe and camp

Super Trip, June 12-22

We are headed to the colorful cliffs, arches, and canyons of Utah and Arizona.

Advanced Camp, July 13-16

Help build the Troop 27 summer camp in the woods. Digging, sawing, lashing. Hard work but rewarding.

Horseback Riding, Aug. TBD

Recent Events

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Aerial Adventures and camp at Coyote Lake, May 21-22

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Treasure Hunt, Mar. 19
By Genna and Pat

On the Star Wars Treasure Hunt we had stations in many different locations such as the beach, a school, the church, and a park. The hunt began with scavenging a part to get donuts and a clue about where Luke might be. Next up was Jedi training where the patrols swung from a rope, trained with a Jedi training ball, and ran with Yoda on their back.

Then the adventure really began as they brought down a planet walker, survived the Lava River, and escaped from the First Order. At the beach Chewbacca was injured and the scouts were given pieces of wood and a bag of many strands of cloth to make a splint and a sling. Every scout tried their best and had pretty good team work.

After practicing flying in formation, they took their turn trying to blow up the Death Star. Luckily, someone was successful! In the end everyone got to make a light saber and collect some treasure based on how well their patrol did.

Mountain Travel and Rescue Training, Feb. 20-21
By Peter

Coming Soon ...

Ski/Snowboard Trip, Feb. 7
By Holly

We started the day with a lesson. First we learned how to start, balance, and stop on our boards. Then we learned how to go down the hill using back side stop, front side stop, falling leaf, and s-turns. After we stopped for lunch we practiced our stops and turns going down the hill. Once we felt comfortable on the easy hill we moved on to the medium level hill. For the rest of the day we perfected what our instructor had taught us.

Klondike Derby, Jan, 30-31
By Diarmuid

The cold air bit at my nose as I grabbed at the snow blocks building up the shelter walls. But Klondike is an amazing experience of snow survival and crazy snow activities testing your survival instincts. Klondike is always fun and always a great experience. We had a lot of snow this year - which made the building much easier and the snow play so much more fun. (But it's a great trip no matter what the weather - And especially this year, my first with Venture Crew 27.)

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  1. An activity every month.
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  4. Take an amazing trip every summer
  5. Enjoy nature
  6. Learn leadership skills
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  8. Boy Scouts earn rank
  9. Social activities
  10. Have fun

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